Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monopoly Jr.

I know that game makers put age suggestions on the side of most games, but I guess I never really realized the importance of them.

Last Saturday night, I only had 2 of the kids home with me (Benjamin was at Aunt Denise's, Bailey was at Aunt Barbara's and Beckah was at Nannas) - that left Brody & Bowman at home with me. I wanted to do something fun with them, so I let Brody pick out a game from the game closet. He climbed up in the game closet and eventually emerged with Monopoly Jr. My first thought was...oh no, MONOPOLY!! But, then decided it was the Jr. version so it couldn't possibly take that long to play. Well, our Monopoly adventure got started off with a giggle and it went from there.

As we were taking the game pieces from the box, I told Brody that we weren't going to play using the money which he was ok with. He looked through the box and politely asked, "momma can we play with the potties". Taken aback I asked him to repeat his question, then realized he was referring to the game pieces which are actually ticket booths (but do look an awful lot like porta potties). After I chuckled a bit, I told him that we could play with these potties, but immediately reminded Bowman that we were not to play in or with the real potty!!

After we got all of the game pieces out, we started our game. I took my turn - rolled the die and counted my squares. Then Brody took his turn - tossed the die in the air, chased it around the floor, counted the dots, counted the dots again, then counted the squares, then moved his game piece. Then it was Bowman's turn - he took the die and held it in his hand...I encouraged him to roll it so that he could move his game piece. After several attempts to get him to release the die, he decided it was he tossed it in the air, chased it around the floor, picked it up, put it on the monopoly board, then put his hand on top of it and moved it back and forth. After he did it a few times, I realized he was "rolling" the die!!!! It's amazing how literal they are!!!!

After a few rounds, both boys lost interest. But I giggled about the game for a while that night!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Tidbits About Me

Ashley Bryant,, has tagged me to share ten things with all of you that I'm not afraid to admit so here goes.
The rules are:
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog
3) Write 10 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry has been posted

1. I am thankful that God loved me enough to give His only Son for me.
2. I am 15 days from being 34 (December 1)
3. I am the mother of the 5 Bs; Benjamin (8), Bailey (5), Brody (4), Bowman (2) and Beckah (8 mo).
4. God has blessed me with the duty of serving Him in the role of being a pastor's wife. My husband of 10 years, Mark has served at our home church since September 05. This is his first pastorate, and hopefully he will finish his MDiv in May 09!!!!!
5. I love to wear toe socks!!! They are SO warm!!
6. My favorite Sunday lunch is beef tips and rice served along side a buffet of southern veggies.
7. I wish I could be a stay home mom!! I currently have my 5 children in 4 different places daily...B1 and B2 are at RHS, B3 goes to Ms. Sherri's Childrens Workshop, B4 stays with Nana Brenda (a wonderful in-home childcare provider) [Nana Brenda pics Brody up from school everyday at lunch and keeps him] and B5 stays with Ms. Kristie (another wonderful in-home childcare provider). I know I miss so much of my kids childhood, but I honestly think I am scared to take the plunge.
8. I have started my own photography business; I would love for it to become profitable enough to pay for our insurance - so I might could be brave enough to quit my full time job.
9. I learned to drive in a stick shift; my first car was a light blue 1984 Chevy Citation. I could fill the gas tank up with $10!!!
10. My favorite toy as a child was my adoption doll, Elizabeth Dianne- I got her when I was 8 and she still lives with me....
I can't follow all the rules, I only know 2 bloggers.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pecan Soup

It amazes me how a child's brain it takes in information and processes it....Brody and I were picking up pecans a week or so ago. I cracked one to make sure they were good. As I was picking the pecan out of the shell, he asked in the sweetest voice..."Are we gonna have pecan soup for dinner tonight?" I have to say it took me a minute to respond without a smile in my voice. I told him that I had never thought about that. Then I asked him to tell me how he would make it if he could. His instructions follow:
"Take a big pile of pecans and crack them all up together (shells and all). Then take them inside and put them in a pan with big sides, put some water in it and make it really hot. I'd put a lot of pepper in it (Brody really likes pepper). After it's hot for a little while, put it in a bowl and eat it with crackers."

So, if anyone would like to try some pecan soup....let me know how it comes out!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Itty Bitty Seeds....

I just got a message from a dear friend of ours from NOBTS who is serving as a NAMB missionary in Nevada. He and his wife are starting a church in a Volunteer Fire Department. Last night they had their first service which they had 12 in attendance!! He asked for prayer for a particular young man who came to their first service last night, but left before it began. While reading his message a childrens song that we used to sing at the Seminary daycare came to's below......

The Word of God is like
Itty Bitty Seeds - scattered all around,

The Word of God is like Itty Bitty Seeds - scattered all around
there's some in the road, some in the weed,
everywhere you look you see itty bitty seeds.

The Word of God is like BIG HONKIN TREES - scattered all around,

The Word of God is like BIG HONKIN TREES - scattered all around,
there's some in the road, some in the weed,
everywhere you look you see BIG HONKIN TREES

All that to say -- we just have to scatter the
itty bitty seeds, and God will grow the BIG HONKIN TREES!!!

I'm Back - I hope....

Well, I started our blog a while back, but with things have gotten so busy, that I just seem to have let my blog slip. Anyway, I'm back!! I hope to post often...not going to commit to everyday, but often!!

Update on the family. We are still living in Notasulga, Alabama serving at Salem Macon Baptist Church. The kids are doing great - Benjamin (8) is in 3rd grade, Bailey (5) is in Kindergarten, Brody (3) attends 4 year old preschool, Bowman (2 in 8 days!!!) and Beckah (6 1/2 months). We have a very busy life, but don't ever seem to get out of the house or yard!!!